Product Focus: BR – Crème PIGM 400

We asked our lead Biologique Recherche facialist, Megan Byrne, for her must-
have seasonal product right now and she recommended BR’s Crème PIGM 400.

Megan said: ‘ Crème PIGM 400 is great all year ‘round but especially in summer to
help prevent new pigmentation spots forming, while lightening old ones. It is
particularly loved worldwide because it gives the skin a beautiful porcelain finish, like
a primer, with lots of clients using it on days they do not want to wear makeup. But
it is also light and matte enough to layer under make up. It will unify the complexion,
brighten dull tired skin and refine pore size. It’s one of my absolute favourites!’
Crème PIGM 400 contains whitening agents of young cress shoots, plump pulp
extract and soybeans that act on the melanogenesis process at all levels, from
pigment creation to their surface migration. There are also a number of active
substances with antioxidant properties to limit protein and lipid oxidation as
well as active ingredients that stimulate lipofuscin breakdown.

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