Crème aux Acides de Fruits

Crème aux Acides de Fruits

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Crème aux Acides de Fruits is a 1-month intensive exfoliating treatment cream, which softens and refines the texture of the skin. This product contains both AHA’s and Natural Moisturising Factors to enhance the regenerating, moisturising and revitalizing effects on the skin. This powerful exfoliating cream is ideal for brightening very devitalised or dull skin, or can be used to target areas of scarring and uneven skin texture. Your skin will feel softened, brighter, hydrated and purified.

How to use: Use at night time for a maximum of 1 month. Then, allow the skin to rest for 30 days before beginning another course of treatment. For best results, use in conjunction with a hydration serum/mask. Wear an SPF daily.  For more information on how to use this product, contact our team.

Main ingredients:

  • Moisturising and purifying agents: Apple, Grape, Ginger and Sugar Cane Extracts.
  • Fruit acid complex: Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHA), Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF).
  • Regenerating agents: Cellular Oligopeptide.