Fluide VIP O₂

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The Fluide VIP O₂ is particularly formulated to oxygenate the skin, containing our Biologique Recherche Specific Oxygenating Complex; it stimulates the epidermal functions by increasing the concentration of oxygen on the surface of the skin.

Hydrating, regenerating and soothing, this serum has some of our largest concentrations of anti-ageing components. Combating signs of tiredness and instantly diminishing dark circles around the eyes, the skin is instantly clearer and more radiant. 

Apply Fluide VIP O₂ as your final skincare step. Works great as a make-up base to mattify and refine pores.

Primary Ingredients:

  • Antioxidant agents: White Tea Leaf Extract, Walnut Extract
  • Protective Agent: Anti-Pollution Polysaccharides
  • Oxygenating Agents: Biologique Recherche’s Oxygenating Complex, Yeast Extract