Baby Skincare

Looking after your babies skin 👶

It’s a surprise to most new parents that the concept of ‘baby-soft’ skin is a bit of a myth! Skin blemishes and rashes are actually very common in the first year of life. As the skin is your baby’s largest organ, it’s important to look after its health and there are steps that you can take to try to keep your baby’s skin as healthy as possible.
Looking after your baby's skin 👶

Baby skin is structurally different to adult skin, with the epidermis 20% thinner in babies than adults, meaning baby skin is more permeable and more prone to dryness than adult skin. The three basics, in terms of caring for your baby’s skin, are gentle cleansing, moisturising and appropriate sun protection.

Babies are prone to several different skin conditions in the first year of life. If a rash appears with a fever of 100°F or higher or an infection, or if your baby is generally unwell, you should contact your baby’s GP.