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Treatment of Cellulite and Stretchmarks

ZWave uses high energy radial shockwaves to significantly improve skin firmness, skin elasticity and collagen regeneration making it an excellent treatment for cellulite, stretch marks and skin tightening. It is scientifically proven to stimulate collagen formation and elasticity while improving blood circulation, with a visible change in skin firmness after only a few treatments.

​The high energy radial shockwaves consists of two different parts – positive pressure pulse and a comparatively small tensile wave component. The shockwave squeezes the surrounding tissue and breaks the grid structure of the molecules. The tensile wave leads to a collapse of the gas bubbles within the fat structures (cavitation), which re-expand after the high energy radial shockwaves and thus ensure a destabilisation of the fat structures.

ZWave and ZLipo are a perfect combination. Fat reduction after ZLipo is enhanced by using the ZWave through its shockwave action. Furthermore, after significant fat reduction skin tightening is typically needed by a patient. ZWave tightens the skin while ZLipo eliminates fat simultaneously for optimal results.

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Treatment Indications:

Treatment Indications:

  • Cellulite
  • Stretch marks
  • Skin tightening
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Combination with Z-Lipo to optimise skin tightening while reducing fat


1 area X 1 session €200

1 area X 10 sessions: €1,900 

Other Zwave packages available combined with other treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

No, quite the contrary. Many patients say this treatment feels similar to a relaxing massage.

Clear changes are visible after only 2-3 sessions. Your skin will get smoother and noticeable firmer. It usually takes 6 to 10 sessions to complete the treatment.

Regular refresher sessions, exercise and a balanced nutrition, will ensure long-lasting results.