Body Treatments

Body Packages

Introducing our exclusive range of body sculpting packages designed to help you achieve your desired physique without invasive procedures or lengthy downtime. Our Cellulite Bum & Thighs Package combines 4 sessions of Emsculpt NEO with 6 sessions of Z Wave treatments to target cellulite and improve muscle tone for €2000. If you're looking to sculpt your midsection, our Tummy Tone & Shape Package offers 1 session of Z Lipo and 4 sessions of Emsculpt NEO for effective fat reduction and core strengthening, also priced at €2000. For beautifully toned arms, our Arms Slim, Tone & Shape Package includes 1 session of Z Lipo, 4 sessions of Emsculpt NEO, and 4 sessions of Exilis treatments, addressing fat reduction, muscle toning, and skin firmness in the arms for €2700. Transform your body with our comprehensive packages tailored to your specific needs and goals.


Experience the revolutionary Z-Lipo technology, a cutting-edge solution for non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring, delivering unmatched precision and effectiveness. This advanced approach enables the safe and efficient elimination of stubborn fat pockets in areas like the waistline, neck, upper arms, and thighs, without needles or surgery and with no downtime. Building upon the success of cryolipolysis, Z-Lipo targets fat cells, initiating their gradual breakdown and elimination through the body's natural lymphatic system over 10–12 weeks. Unlike traditional methods, Z-Lipo incorporates a distinctive pulsed vacuum suctioning process prior to freezing, enhancing fat cell breakdown and promoting lymphatic drainage and metabolism for optimal outcomes. With its safe, gentle, and non-invasive nature, Z-Lipo presents a transformative solution for attaining your desired body contours.


ZWave utilises high-energy radial shockwaves to enhance skin firmness, elasticity, and collagen regeneration, making it ideal for treating cellulite, stretch marks, and skin tightening concerns. Scientifically validated to stimulate collagen formation and improve blood circulation, noticeable improvements are often observed after just a few sessions. This technology operates through a positive pressure pulse and a smaller tensile wave element, compressing tissue and inducing cavitation within fat structures. When paired with ZLipo, ZWave yields even more pronounced results by enhancing fat reduction post-ZLipo while tightening the skin, comprehensively addressing cellulite reduction, stretch mark improvement, skin tightening, lymphatic drainage, and optimal skin tightening alongside fat reduction when combined with Z-Lipo.

Emsella (Intimate Wellness)

Emsella offers a groundbreaking non-invasive solution for incontinence and sexual function enhancement. Using focused electromagnetic energy, it stimulates pelvic floor muscles, crucial for re-education and improving sexual health. Women benefit from tightened vaginal muscles and heightened sensation, while men, especially post-prostate surgery, see improvements in erectile function and continence. Typically six sessions, each 30 minutes, yield noticeable results with no downtime. Patients remain fully clothed in the discreet chair design, experiencing tingling sensations and muscle contractions. Immediate daily activities can resume post-treatment, with ongoing enhancements observed over subsequent weeks and months.