Our Facility

The Institute of Dermatology® is a state-of-the-art, world-class facility for Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology.

Jenny Butler, Interior Architect with Henry J Lyons, led the design of this two-floor Dermatology medical centre. She has created a very clean, clinical but comfortable environment with simple yet effective design details. The space will provide the ultimate Medical and Cosmetic Dermatological experience for our patients. 

 The lighting design was an extremely important feature to ensure the space felt warm, inviting and luxurious despite the implementation of cool tones throughout. Warm fabrics were used through the solid pieces to soften the overall look and feel.

Finally the hexagonal theme of our logo and brand is reiterated through the tile design and branding throughout the building. 

Our Reception Area

The curved spatial elements of the reception area, waiting area and walls reflect the natural ogee curves of facial beauty making the space feel organic and effortless.

This can be seen upon entry to the space, particularly through the design of the ceilings and the waiting area.

Our New

Logo & Identity