Belkyra (Kybella) everything you need to know

Belkyra (aka Kybella in the US) is an increasingly popular injectable treatment addressing what many of our patients refer to as their ‘double chin.’ This injectable, fat-targeting treatment reduces submental fat under the chin and offers a non-surgical, long-lasting solution to stubborn fat. It is composed of synthetic deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance that exists in the body which targets dietary fat. When injected into the affected area it destroys fat cells over time, to give you long lasting to permanent results.

Below is everything you need to know about the treatment:

Who is a suitable candidate?▫️Any patient over 18 years old with excess fat under the chin. It is not recommended when you are pregnant or breast-feeding and is also not recommended for people who have active health concerns or higher risk of infection. There is a difference between skin laxity (hanging skin under the chin) versus fat under the chin, therefore patients should have a consultation with their doctor to ensure their suitability.

What results can I expect?▫️The results will be visible four to six weeks following the procedure, when the deoxycholic acid will have worked to eliminate excess fat cells. The results are patient-specific but generally, the jawline will be more defined, skin will look tighter and the ‘double chin’ will have been either greatly reduced or eliminated.

Is there any downtime?▫️The injection process takes about 15 minutes and is not dissimilar to having anti-wrinkle injections. It typically causes some temporary swelling in the region below the chin/neck over a period of days, but is a very safe, minimally invasive procedure for those who are bothered by their double chin and want to avoid surgery.

How long do results last?▫️Results are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. The fat cells in the treated area have been permanently destroyed but without sensible maintenance, fat cells in adjacent areas may increase in size.

Anything else to know?▫️A course of treatments is recommended over a period of months in order to achieve the desired results. At least 4 weeks should be left between each appointment.