CLN bodywash

As Dermatologists, we treat a lot of patients with a variety of skin conditions, from Eczema and Acne, to Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis. With any skin conditions, it’s imperative that the skin is cleansed, dried and soothed every day. With the most sensitive of skins, it’s also a challenge to find a body wash that has antimicrobial properties but is not too abrasive and harsh on the skin. The @clnskincare range offers just that, with a pH of 7.8 and 99.9% kill rate of Coronavirus.

Developed by US cardiologist, Dr Azam Anwar, after he was diagnosed with MRSA Cellulitis and could not tolerate the chlorhexidine-based products he was recommended, the CLN Skincare range incorporates sodium hypochlorite into a gentle, easy-to-use and clinically-proven cleanser formula.

The CLN Bodywash is a head-to-toe body wash for adults and children, offering a first line of defence for compromised or very sensitive skin. It is available on our online shop.