How often should I have a facial and what are the benefits to my skin?

We recommend monthly facials (every 4 weeks) to our clients to boost the skin's overall health and appearance and slow the signs of aging by; 
  • Deeper Cleansing and Exfoliation - your esthetician can perform a professional exfoliation that will improve skin texture and appearance, while also boosting the efficiency of your home care routine by removing dead skin cells to allow deeper penetration of active ingredients. 
  • Massage Techniques - Biologique Recherche's unique massage techniques will boost circulation and lymphatic drainage to brighten dull, tired skins while also stimulating the facial muscles. The skin will be firmer, more toned and glowing.
  • Remodeling Face is an in-clinic treatment only. This unique machine works with Galvanic, Medium and High Frequency currents to boost circulation and cell renewal while simultaneously stimulating neck and facial muscles at a deeper level. Over time this will help to lift and sculpt the facial contours and slow down the signs of aging. - Think of it as a gym for the face.
  • Self Care and Relaxation - monthly facials are fantastic for helping to relieve stress, especially during these extraordinary times.
  • Targeted Treatments - Biologique Recherche offers targeted treatments for sensitive, reactive and acne skins. Your esthetician can offer you advice and home care tips to help you learn how to treat and manage the skin at home.
  • The Skin Instant Lab - A professional Skin analysis is essential to evaluate the condition of your skin and can offer an insight as to how effective your current home care routine is. This unique machine will measure the skin's Hydration, Lipids, Elasticity, Pigmentation and Sebum levels so that you can tailor your products to target your individual needs.