IPL before & after 4 treatments

IPL – Intense Pulsed Light therapy – is one of our most popular treatments at the Institute and with the phenomenal patient results seen above, you can understand why! We use the most advanced IPL model on the market, the Lumenis M22, to deliver dramatically younger-looking skin by treating irregular pigmentation, age spots, redness, broken blood vessels and large pores, along with other dermatological issues.

Our patient above very kindly allowed us to share her treatment plan, which we’ve outlined below.

Age: 58

Concern: Rosacea; flushing when eating spicy foods and in social situations. Some pustules on cheeks.

Treatment: IPL full face x 4, with one treatment every 4 weeks, over 4 months.

Result: Redness has been greatly reduced along with smoother skin, a more even tone and complexion.

Plan: Advised maintenance treatment approx every 6-12 months thereafter. Continued use of zinc based SPF every day.

Total cost: €850.

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