In much the same way that you wouldn’t wear your winter clothes and heavy coats in summer, your skin also benefits from tweaks to your usual routine.

We asked Megan, our head facialist, for her top tips on seasonal skincare swaps, as we – hopefully! – ease into warmer weather.

▫️Swap your heavy facial oils for a lighter hydration serum. Heavy oils can sit on the skin and interrupt the absorption of your SPF. On hot summer days, the skin may produce more oil and sweat but it will still need a lightweight hydration. You can also use this step as an opportunity to apply an antioxidant to protect your skin from free radicals caused by UV rays. Good summer hydrators and antioxidant serums; Serum Elastine by @biologique_recherche_ireland and @revisionskincare 30% Vitamin C Serum.
▫️Likewise, swap out those heavy morning creams. Humidity levels are higher in summer than in winter, which means the skin won't need as heavy a moisturiser, especially if layering SPF and make up on top. Choose a moisturiser that is packed with hydration, but none of the weight. My favourites are @skinbetter Hydration Boosting Cream and Trio Rebalancing Moisture Cream.
▫️Introduce a clay mask. If you suffer with oily skin and enlarged pores during the summer months, a clay mask will help to refine pores and dry up excess oils. Masque Vivant by Bioloqigue Recherche can be used 2-3 times weekly.
▫️If you use a factor 30 SPF in the winter, now is the time to swap to a factor 50 physical mineral SPF for the optimum protection from harmful UV Rays. The best SPF is one you will reapply throughout the day, for that reason @skinbetter sunsmart tinted compact SPF 50 is the perfect handbag companion for topping up your SPF without compromising your make-up. Another client favourite is the @eltamdskincare SPF clear or tinted.
▫️For those of you with more sun-sensitive skin, you may like to reduce the use of your topical AHA or BHA based products to the evenings only. In fact, if you suffer with oily skin after a humid summers day, you may like to try an acid-based wash before bed, to remove excess oils and prevent breakouts. Revision Skincare’s Brightening Facial Wash contains AHA's and BHA's to effectively clean and purify the skin.
▫️Keep your products in the door of the fridge. If the skin feels warm and irritated after a day in the sun, keeping your products in the door of the fridge is a great trick. Apply them cold to refresh and calm the skin.
▫️Wash the skin with cold water. Keep calm and refreshed by using cold water to cleanse your skin in summer.

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