ID Brows

ID Brows are individualised semi-permanent eyebrows produced by a combination of forms of cosmetic tattooing to produce the most beautiful bespoke brows. This is of great benefit for our patients who have lost their eyebrows due to dermatological conditions, to fill in sparser areas due to typical eyebrow thinning, or for those looking for more definition and fuller eyebrows. 

Using the machine method, a small cartridge needle deposits micropigment into the deeper layers of the skin to create a soft, natural eyebrow using different methods such as "Hairstrokes," "Powdering," "Shading" or a hybrid of techniques.

What is the difference between the machine method and microblading?

Both microblading and the machine method are forms of eyebrow tattooing where pigments are deposited into the upper dermal layer of the skin. 

Microblading involves using a hand held tool with a row or configuration of tiny needles which look like a blade. With the machine method a tiny single needle attached to a hand piece is driven by a digital permanent make-up machine to implant pigment into the skin in tiny hair-like strokes.

The machine method is suitable for all skin types, and is often preferred because longer lasting effects are achieved and fragile, sensitive or thin skin tends to accept pigment better with this application.