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Secret Pro - Eyes Fractional Ablative C02 & Radiofrequency Microneedling

The Secret Pro combination device treats a variety of dermatologic concerns providing reliable and robust aesthetic applications.

The combination of fractional C02 laser and radiofrequency microneedling provides customizable options for patients who want limited downtime as well as those who want aggressive therapy.

Here at the Institute Of Dermatologists we are skilled and qualified at specifically treating the upper and lower eyelids. Sagging eyelids, lines and wrinkles are a common problem as we get older. The loss of collagen, elastin and natural skin hydration leads to loosening of the skin. This can be particularly visible around the upper and lower eyelids because the skin is thin and delicate.

Secret Pro

Benefits of Secret Pro

We offer the ability to treat the skin right up to the lash line. By inserting metal ocular eye shields by our trained practitioners, we can target this often difficult to treat area under safe and comfortable conditions. This treatment is a total game changer for the eye area. Downtime is between 3-7 days. 1-2 treatments are required depending on the degree of laxity and desired results.