3 things you may not know about Microneedling with SkinPen

Microneedling works by stimulating the production of new collagen in the skin. This is achieved by controlled micro-injuries to the dermis with microscopic needles that stimulate your body’s natural wound healing process, while minimising cellular damage. At the Institute, we use SkinPen by Bellus Medical, which is the World's First FDA-Approved Microneedling Device. The result is effective collagen production and remodelling of scar tissue, while keeping the overall structure of the skin intact.
Microneedling is also an extremely popular treatment with our patients and one of the most requested at the Instiute. We’ve shared a few things you might not know about Microneedling below:
1. For the two weeks after a Microneedling session, your skincare serums and moisturisers will deeply penetrate your skin, like never before! This is an opportunity to use targeted serums and creams to really activate that glow. We would recommend the most effective serum and/ or moisturiser for your very individual skin.

2. On a short-term basis, and from microneedling alone, you will look plump, pink and luminous for a couple of weeks after the treatment. For best results and optimum collagen regeneration, we recommend 3-6 treatments, spaced over as many months.

3. In terms of treating acne scarring and any other forms of scarring, microneedling is hugely effective in significantly improving skin texture.  We may also suggest targeted laser treatments like ResurFX or IPL to optimise results.
If you’d like to book a consultation to assess the best treatment for you, please get in touch with us at info@instituteofdermatologists.ie or call us on (01) 912 3030.