As part of our new #AskID series, we will be posing some of your most frequently asked questions to our team of Consultant Dermatologists.

This week, Professor Caitriona Ryan and Dr Niki Ralph cover SPF, the holy grail of skincare! So, is SPF 25 adequate sun protection during the summer months?

“Daily sunscreen is without a doubt the single most powerful anti-ageing skincare product and should be used every day of the year, not just in summer months, as dangerous UV rays are always present.” Professor Ryan says. According to Dr Ralph “Up to 80% of our wrinkles come from exposure to UV rays, with UVA present in Ireland all year ‘round! UVB is at its highest in Ireland from May to October.”

“Try to use at least SPF30 if you can. Apart from the obvious reduction in skin cancer risk, sunscreen prevents premature skin-ageing, blotchy discolouration of the face and the development of broken veins. Physical sunscreens which contain Zinc oxide or Titanium dioxide are best as they block UVA rays more efficiently, acting as a shield for your skin and minimising photoageing and pigmentation.

Dermatologists also prefer physical sunsreens for our patients with sensitive skin such as Rosacea, Acne and Eczema as they contain less irritating ingredients, and Zinc also has anti-inflammatory properties. Chemical sunscreens, by contrast, act like a sponge by absorbing UV rays causing a chemical reaction in the skin which may result in allergic reactions or skin irritation.”

“Newer formulations of physical sunscreens are essentially invisible (not thick and white) and cosmetically acceptable for daily use, which may be worn under make-up. Our favourites are @eltamdskincare EltaMD Clear (available in clear and tinted formulations)and EltaMD Replenish (containing hyaluronic acid) and @revisionskincare Revision Intellishade Truphysical.

“Regular use of sunscreen throughout ones life is the most crucial step in optimising skin health and slowing the ageing process.”

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