#AskID : Wedding ready skin

wedding ready skin
We asked Prof Niki Ralph:
“Skin takes time to improve and adapt to a new skincare routine, taking approximately 21-28 days for one new top layer (epidermis) to regenerate. So planning months in advance of a special event, such as a wedding, is ideal for your skin to be in optimal condition.

I would suggest starting with the best skin care routine for your skin type. This can be assessed at our Skin Instant Lab which is an analysis, diagnosis, product prescription and treatment prescription system. If you have very mild Rosacea the addition of a skin care routine suitable for Rosacea, such as the @biologique_recherche_ireland Biosensible range, combined with daily use of a Zinc-based, mineral/physical sunscreen such as @eltamdskincare clear/tinted, may be sufficient to control your redness/spots. However, at this point if you feel your Rosacea is moderate-severe it’s wise to seek medical advice as you may also require prescription products such as topical or oral antibiotics to adequately control your Rosacea.

If you’re considering treatment options such as anti-wrinkle injections for the first time prior to a big event this should ideally be performed 4-5 months in advance in order to try it first and be happy with the result. The effect of the anti-wrinkle injections will gradually wear off over 12-16 weeks. So the optimal time to have it performed again would be 4 weeks prior to your wedding, when anti-wrinkle injections have their maximum effect.

You may also consider a course of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) which targets the redness due to broken blood vessels on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead, that those suffering with Rosacea may experience. If you have mild Rosacea, two treatments a month apart may be sufficient to see dramatic improvement in your redness. However, if you have moderate-severe Rosacea, you may require 4-6 treatments, one per month, therefore this will take 4-6 months to complete.

I would then consider the final touches of skin pampering just days prior to your wedding with our Deluxe Dermaplane and Hyper Radiance Facial for the ultimate glow.
This form of mechanical exfoliation will remove the dead skin cells and the fine vellus hairs to ensure your makeup sits perfectly on the skin. This is followed by a double masking technique with hydrating, protective and lipid-replenishing active ingredients followed by cryostricks to brighten, restructure and firm the skin, leaving you radiant for your special day!"