Biologique Recherche Facialist - Kakie Taylor Black

Kakie Taylor Black


We took a moment to catch up with phenomenal facialist, Kakie Taylor Black, who joined the ID team recently.

What drew you to a career in skincare?
I had fairly aggressive acne as a teenager and went through a whole journey with that. I have looked after my skin religiously since then. It was never enough for me to just use a product. I was that annoying customer who wanted to know everything and understand more about the ingredients and formulation of a product and how it was going to change my skin. Knowing what it’s like to struggle with problematic skin has also fired the desire to empower and help others with their skin and home care for long term results and skin positivity.

You've worked with some big names in skincare both in London and Dublin, why did you decide, ultimately, to work with Biologique Recherche?
I used the products for a number of years prior and had experienced wonderful results. I have to really believe in a brand and trust what they’re saying and selling if I’m to work with them and do my very best as a therapist. It’s also a gut feeling - I’ve never been more sure of a brand than I am with Biologique Recherche. The research, science and results are all there.

What is your favourite BR treatment?
Every treatment is prescriptive but I love the addition of Cold Mask, a green alginate paste applied over the BR masques. Once it sets, the therapist uses Cryo Sticks over it. It is so relaxing and is great for soothing, cooling and calming the skin.

What is the one BR product you will always use?
Honestly it changes with my skin! But my constant is the Lait U Cleansing milk as it is so simple but effective. Cleansing is my absolute favourite part of my skincare routine - I love that feeling of removing the daily build-up and breathing deeply into a nice massage.

What is the skincare advice you most regularly give your clients?
Beautiful, long-term results depend on patience, positivity and consistency. Maintaining a healthy skin is an on-going process and there can be ups and downs. Being mindful of stress levels, diet and lifestyle are also very important as our skin can reflect a myriad of internal imbalances too.