Biologique Recherche Toleskin new launch

Biologique Recherche launched their much-anticipated Toleskin range over the summer, a collection of products that specifically address highly sensitive, reactive or intolerant skin. The Toleskin (C) is a reconditioning and soothing cream that really makes a difference.

Extremely soothing, Toleskin [C] reduces sensitivity, itching and discomfort. We recommend it for patients suffering with dryness, or underlying conditions such as Eczema and dermatitis. This lipid repairing cream will soothe and comfort the skin on a daily basis.

Consisting of anti-redness active ingredients, this formula soothes, reduces redness and epidermal discomfort. Its reconditioning active ingredients help improve the skin’s barrier function to rebalance the microbiome, thus limiting skin reactions. The skin becomes more tolerant and is soothed. The skin’s texture is less rough and redness is reduced, leaving the epidermis feeling comfortable.

If you are new to Biologique Recherche and would like to explore the range further, you can either book a Skincare Consultation by calling us on (01) 912 3030 or emailing us at Or, you can register with us on our online shop, link in bio, where you will be invited to complete a skincare questionnaire. We will come back to you within 48 hours of completing the questionnaire with a list of the products recommended for your skin type and those to avoid.