EmSculpt Neo

Booked your Summer holiday? Want to feel comfortable on the beach? 🏝

Breaking a sweat time and time again in the gym and struggling to see results? 💪🏻

Try EmSculpt Neo! 🙌🏻

EmSculpt NEO is the first and only non-invasive, body shaping procedure which results in both fat reduction and increased muscle volume at the same time. This machine combines 2 energy forms which are utilized simultaneously resulting in up to 25% more muscle and reduction in fat by 30%.

This 30 minute procedure can also help to restore the wall strength of the abdominal muscles, which may be especially helpful in women who have given birth, and are suffering from Rectus Abdominis diastasis or separation of muscles in the central abdominal area.

The benefits are clinically proven: EMSCULPT NEO reduces subcutaneous fat by 30% and increases muscle volume by 25%.

▫️Calves – You can quickly improve the size and shape of the muscles in your calf areas
▫️Legs – You can slim down the saddlebags or reduce the overall circumference of your thighs
▫️Arms – You can increase your biceps or triceps while you’re tackling your “bingo wing” fat
▫️Buttocks – You can gain significant sculpting in your butt area without needing to make any effort
▫️Abdomen – Get a well-defined six-pack and a tighter abdominal wall

A single EMSCULPT NEO session produces thousands of powerful muscle contractions resulting in greater muscle mass, definition, and tone in treated areas with an average of 25% increase in muscle volume. With radiofrequency heating, the temperature in subcutaneous fat reaches levels to produce permanent destruction and removal of fat cells with an average of 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat.