Irish Podcast Awards

We are delighted to have been nominated in the “Best Health and Wellbeing Podcast” in the Irish Podcast Awards for our “Dermatology SOS: More than Skin Deep” podcast!

Our podcast was launched in September 2021, to offer expert advice on all things skin-related by Consultant Dermatologists Prof Caitriona Ryan and Prof Nicola Ralph, co-founders of the Institute of Dermatologists and Clinical Assistant Professors at University College Dublin. They combine their extensive dermatological experience to discuss all aspects of medical and cosmetic dermatology over 8 episodes. It is hosted by Claire Darmody and produced by Collaborative Studios.

The public is inundated by a huge amount of information about skincare, anti-ageing treatments and dermatological conditions, some of it misleading or inaccurate. This podcast gives listeners expert advice and dispels myths about skincare and skin conditions. The podcast was also used to answer the most frequent questions that came in through the Institute of Dermatologists social media platforms, addressing common concerns of our patients and followers.

In our episodes we cover common inflammatory conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, we educate our listeners on the prevention and detection of skin cancers, hormonal changes affecting the skin and hair, and we discuss, cosmetic procedures, tweakments such as Botox and dermal fillers, lasers, anti-ageing skin care regimens, and possible cosmetic complications. Our main objective with this podcast series is to empower listeners to achieve their healthiest skin possible.

You can find Dermatology SOS wherever you listen to your podcasts: