Menopause and minding your skin

The average age of menopause – a full year without a menstrual cycle – is 51 but the transition to menopause, the perimenopause, begins in your late 30’s or 40’s. Dropping estrogen levels and the hormonal changes of menopause affect almost all aspects of women’s health. This includes a variety of skin changes, ranging from accelerated ageing and dry, itchy skin to acne, flushing, hyperpigmentation, impaired wound healing and hair loss.

A scientifically-proven, anti-aging skin care regimen is essential to achieving and maintaining beautiful, healthy skin and targeting the changes in texture, tone and elasticity observed throughout the perimenopausal period and beyond. This is just as important in those who choose to proceed with injectable treatments as those who prefer to avoid invasive treatments. We’ve suggested some tips on optimising your skin health and glow below:

1. Sunscreen: A zinc containing, tinted sunscreen every day is likely the least expensive and most effective anti-ageing product you can ever use! Physical sunscreens containing Zinc are best - they block UVA more efficiently which is the major culprit in causing photoageing and pigmentantion and they are much better for those with rosacea or sensitive skin where chemical sunblocks can cause flares or irritation. For those who suffer from abnormal pigmentation using a tinted physical sunblock can give additional benefit as the Iron oxide helps to block out possible effects of visible light from computer screens and indoor lights. Apart from the obvious reduction in skin cancer risk which becomes higher later in life, sunscreen also prevents collagen breakdown, blotchy discoloration of the face, and the development of broken veins. Our favourite physical sunscreens are @eltamdskincare or @revisionskincare.

2. Where possible, a retinoid (retinol or prescription tretinoin) should be the cornerstone of every perimenopausal skincare regimen. Retinoids are the most effective topical therapies to reverse the signs of ageing, increase collagen production, reduce fine lines, discolouration, enlarged pores and have a minor but appreciable impact on reducing precancerous skin changes with age. 
Our favourites are @revisionskincare Retinol Complete 1.0 and for more sensitive skin @skinbetter Alpharet Overnight Cream.
3. Vitamin C containing serums and creams can also help to produce a glowing complexion and retard the signs of skin ageing. Vitamin C is an important co-factor in the production of skin collagen, can improve hydration and also has an antioxidant action to help rejuvenate the skin. There are lots of Vitamin C products on the market, our favourite is Revision Skincare Vitamin C Lotion 30%.
4. Serums which contain peptides and antioxidants have been shown to increase collagen and elastin production in the skin while reducing inflammation to produce improved skin tone and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Our favourites include Revision Skincare Intellishade Truphysical, Revision Nectifirm, and @biologique_recherche_ireland Serum Matriciel Visage, VG Tensil and Serum 3R.
5. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found in abundance in younger skin but declines during perimenopause and menopause. It is a powerful moisture binding agent, enhancing skin hydration to produce plumper smoother skin, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The skinbetter Interfuse Intensive Treatment is a ‘no-needle’ Hyaluronic acid solution, that improves the appearance if lines and wrinkles. HA is present in our @eltamdskincare Elta MD Replenish and EltaMD Clear sunblocks, and in a multitude of our serums, creams and replenishing masks including the Serums Biosensible and Silk Plus, Masques Visolastine and VIP O2 and Crème VG Derm.

Regular facials are also an excellent way to monitor any changes in your skin and adapt your skincare regime and the products you use to meet your changing needs.

We would also recommend skin rejuvenation treatments, such as Photo-rejuvenation with IPL as a simple and effective treatment to reduce irregular pigmentation, age spots, redness and broken veins.

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