Monthly facials - are they worth it?

We think so but we are naturally biased! Whatever your skin concern – oily or dry tendency, prone to breakouts or super sensitive – monthly facials can improve your skin and maintain the results you’ve enjoyed from other procedures, such as microneedling or a targeted chemical peel.

We recommend monthly facials to our patients for a variety of reasons:

▫️Deeper Cleansing and Exfoliation - your esthetician can perform a professional exfoliation that will improve skin texture and appearance, while also boosting the efficiency of your home care routine by removing dead skin cells to allow deeper penetration of active ingredients.
▫️Skin Brightening - Biologique Recherche's unique massage techniques will boost circulation and lymphatic drainage to brighten dull, tired skins while also stimulating the facial muscles. The skin will be firmer, more toned and glowing We also have BR’s Remodeling Face machine, which is an in-clinic treatment only. This unique machine works with Galvanic, Medium and High Frequency currents to boost circulation and cell renewal while simultaneously stimulating neck and facial muscles at a deeper level. Over time this will help to lift and sculpt the facial contours and slow down the signs of aging. Think of it as an intense gym session for the face.
▫️Look good, feel good – As regular facials and a check-in with a skincare therapist can alleviate and manage common skincare issues, your skin will look its best so that you can feel your best.
▫️Me Time - monthly facials are excellent for helping to relieve stress and have a guaranteed moment (hour) to yourself of pure bliss.
▫️Enhance Your Homecare – With targeted treatments to meet your skincare needs as they evolve, your esthetician can advise you on homecare tips to best treat and manage any skincare concerns at home.
▫️Minimise & Prevent the Effects of Aging – whether you want to maintain glowing skin or minimise fine lines and wrinkles, monthly facials will ensure your skin is the best it can be!