#myskincareid: Dr. Nicola Ralph

Dr Nicola Ralph is a specialist registered consultant Dermatologist, specializing
in medical and surgical dermatology with a sub-specialty interest in
Photodermatology. After completing her specialist Dermatology training in
Ireland, she commenced her consultancy in 2014 in the Mater hospital where she
runs the National tertiary referral Photobiology unit where patients attend for
testing to sun related skin conditions. She has published a book on
Photodermatology and currently runs a large European study on skin
photopatch testing. She has an interest in inflammatory skin conditions – acne,
psoriasis and eczema and skin cancer.

Have you had to deal with any skincare issues?
‘I had scarring acne which developed at approx. 8 weeks into my pregnancy
when I was 30. I had only mild teenage acne, which didn’t require treatment.
Unfortunately treatment options are very limited during pregnancy and scarring
can certainly not be prevented at this time. I took a course of Roaccutane
(Isotretinoin) straight after my pregnancy and stayed on a low dose for almost a
year. This medication is literally the closest thing to magic a dermatologist has to
offer patients with scarring acne and certainly the best medication I have ever
taken. I would go so far as to say life-changing.

What is your skincare regime?
Every morning I use Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 PIGM400. I then apply
Revision Vit C Lotion 30%, followed by BR Crème Pigm 400 and finally but most
importantly a zinc-based sunscreen Revision Intellishade Truphysical. I double
cleanse every night then apply my P50 PIGM400 and Revision Retinol Complete
1.0 and after allowing my Retinol to dry x 5mins I finish with Crème Masque
Vernix or Serum Y’all for intense hydration and anti-ageing effect perfect for fine
lines and wrinkles and for those with dehydrated skin.
The one skincare product that has made the most difference to my skin is…
Revision Retinol Complete 1.0. Since introducing this product, it has kept my skin
smooth and bright.

The product I am using right now that I would never swap…
BR Lotion P50 PIGM 400 as I previously had pigmentation below my eyes which
really bothered me.

My favourite ID treatments
Resurfx laser for the treatment of my acne scarring on the chin area.
The best skin-related advice I’ve ever received is…
Words of wisdom from my previous Mentor – “If you only had one product you
could put on your skin each day, ensure it’s a sunscreen and don’t’ forget your