Part 2 of photofractional rejuvenation with The Fabulous pharmacist

Part 2 of photofractional rejuvenation @instituteofdermatologists

Swipe ➡️ to see little snippets of how @clairecorcor takes me through the Resurfx process.

Resurfx is non-ablative laser .

The laser makes little tiny holes into skin and is using laser to injure the skin and set about the phases of wound healing. It is a treatment for texture, scarring, lines wrinkles and collagen rejuvenation . It is very hot and red.

The entire process of photofractional rejuvenation ( IPL + Resurfx ) takes an hour.

There is downtime required- about 3 days. The main thing is no HEAT so you must leave the skin cool down. Rest, relaxation and no sweaty workouts for day 1 and 2. No active skincare for a week. The redness and marks reduce significantly over a five day period.

I’ll be updating with all the before and afters so watch this space!

I think we do Beyoncé proud in the second last clip!

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