Fluide VIP O2 is a much-loved oxygenating elixir, formulated with Biologique Recherche’s Specific Oxygenating Complex to stimulate the epidermal functions by increasing the concentration of oxygen on the surface of the skin.

Hydrating, regenerating and soothing, this serum has some of our largest concentrations of anti-ageing components. Combating signs of tiredness and instantly diminishing dark circles around the eyes, the skin is clearer and more radiant. It is also an antioxidant formula so will fight against free radicals.

We asked our lead facialist and the national trainer for Biologique Recherche, Megan Byrne, for some tips on how to apply and use the Fluide VIP O2 for best results. Megan recommends:

▫️Applying it in the morning on top of your moisturiser, or instead of your moisturiser to brighten and bring that glow back to dull, tired skin.
▫️Using it as the ideal primer for make-up.
▫️Fluide VIP O2 as an essential product for those with asphyxiated skin – for example smokers – who will enjoy a much more radiant complexion.
▫️Use of the serum to improve small areas of congestion such as maskne or smoking-related breakouts by improving the skin's circulation and healing.

A few drops of Fluide VIP 02 can also be mixed into any of the BR products to boost their effectiveness, including Cleanser, Masks, Serums, Eye Creams and Creams.

If you’d like to explore the VIP O2 range further, you can visit our online shop – link in bio – and fill out a skincare questionnaire. Or you can book a Tailored Skincare Consultation with Megan, which costs €50, which is redeemable against any product purchases. Please call us on (01) 912 3030 or mail us at info@instituteofdermatologists.ie to book.