We were delighted to see four of the products we stock highly recommended for managing your skin in your 30’s in The Strategist in @newyorkmagazine. The feature covers the skin changes we experience in our 30’s like fine lines, uneven pigment, volume loss, acne breakouts and often tired-looking complexions as life catches up with us!

@biologique_recherche Lotion P50 – the iconic hydrating, chemical exfoliant and toner that evens skin tone and ensures skin glows – was recommended to address a variety of 30s-specific concerns — excess pigment, wrinkles and sensitive skin.

The wonderful @skinbetter InterFuse Intense Treatment Lines was favoured as an eye cream because of its vitamin C–humectants combo, which protect fragile eye skin while treating fine lines and dark circles. It is also a targeted daily treatment for lines on the forehead and around the mouth, smoothing and diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

skinbetter’s Alpharet Overnight Cream was highlighted as the preferred retinoid for sensitive skin with The Strategist saying it is ‘powerful but very well tolerated on even the most sensitive skin. Nothing compares to it.’ We are huge fans of the Alpharet Overnight Cream, especially for our patients who are wary of starting on a retinoid for fear that they will react.

@revisionskincare DEJ Night Cream was also recommended as one of the more tolerated retinoids for sensitive skin. It contains both retinol and bakuchiol along with 13 antioxidants, including vitamin C. The Strategist says ‘by combining a small amount of retinol with bakuchiol, this product is able to deliver all of the skin benefits of retinol in a gentler way.’

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