Therapeutic restorative facial

Known as ‘the world’s best facial,’ Biologique Recherche facials are individualised to the needs of every patient. With over 40 years experience, a unique philosophy in high-end personalised skincare and pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, Biologique Recherche products are some of the most powerful and effective formulas available. Combined with innovative protocols and procedures, treatments can be targeted to address a number of skincare concerns.

Our Therapeutic Restorative Facial, designed to help replenish and rebalance dry, inflamed or sensitive skin, is ideal as we transition to colder weather. It is particularly effective for patients with eczema, rosacea, dry skin or those being treated with Isotretinoin (Roaccutane).

Antioxidant and lipid-replenishing active ingredients will soothe and protect the epidermis from internal and external stressors. Skin Instant Lab Testing will be used to assess hydration, lipid and sebum levels to guide the specific skin care ingredients used, ensuring skin is nourished and hydrated.

This 60 minute treatment costs €145 and can be booked on our booking portal.