PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment

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PRP (platelet-rich plasma), also commonly known as the ‘vampire facial,’ has been used by medical professionals for years to help wounds heal faster by encouraging the growth of new tissue. Historically, it’s also been performed on elite athletes to accelerate healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints.
When injected into the skin for cosmetic purposes, PRP helps to promote collagen production and kick-starts the skin’s regenerative capabilities. We’ve seen excellent results in terms of smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenating ageing and sagging skin, treating the upper and lower eye area, as well as dark circles, minimising acne scars and stretch marks and stimulating new hair growth, for those with thinning hair.
PRP is extracted from the patient’s own blood so there is no risk of an allergic or adverse reaction. A small vial of blood is drawn, then a centrifuge is used to separate the red blood cells from the platelets and growth factors, which can then be used on the skin for rejuvenation or on the scalp for hair restoration.
Growth factors in the plasma increase collagen and elastin production, stem cell proliferation and vascular formation. This produces a plumping and tightening effect on the treated area. The skin is rejuvenated and rehydrated and wrinkles are reduced resulting in a healthy, regenerated glowing complexion that looks smoother and more youthful.

​There is minimal downtime but there may be transient redness, slight swelling and bruising after the procedure. PRP is suitable for all skin types. Optimal results are seen 6-12 weeks after treatment and we recommend two to three treatments, 4-6 weeks apart.

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