A-Team Duo Kit

A-Team Duo Kit

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Start your professional skincare journey with the A-Team Duo featuring a ground-breaking antioxidant and 11x award-winning retinoid all in one kit. 

What the kit includes:

Alto Advanced Defense and Repair Serum™ 15ml

Super-potent antioxidant serum that helps shield the skin against the effects of internal and external free radicals. Vitamins C and E, plus 17 additional free-radical fighters combined with a new, patented antioxidant brings a new level of comprehensive defense.

  • Helps prevent and improve sun damage, uneven skin tone, redness, lines and wrinkles
  • Apply morning and night to clean, dry skin, before your retinoid, moisturiser or SPF.

AlphaRet® Overnight Cream 15ml

AlphaRet is the latest innovation in retinoid renewal delivering remarkable results, with little-to-no irritation often experienced with retinols and other retinoid-based products.

  • Significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles in as little as four weeks, with little-to-no irritation.
  • Provides moisture to help counteract dryness associated with traditional retinoid-based products.
  • Combines two gold standard skin rejuvenation ingredients - a retinoid and an AHA (lactic acid) - joined together to create the revolutionary AlphaRet technology that minimize irritation, enhancing satisfaction and experience.
  • A blend of antioxidants helps neutralize free radicals.
  • Apply a thin layer to the skin as part of your evening routine, avoiding the delicate eye area. Use zinc based SPF daily when using a retinoid product.